Computers & Laptops

Computers and Laptops

We offer a full range of Computers and Laptops from lower powered computers for standard office staff through to very powerful fast computers for power hungry users.

You will have heard about SSD drives but may not quite understand their role and the difference they make when the operating systems and applications are loaded on one. They offer an incredibly fast boot up and all programmes are loaded immediately. You have to use one to really understand what we are talking about.

This is our most powerful high end computer and below is an example. This is ideal for power users or CAD users. If you are a CAD User you would require a K620 PNY NVIDIA Quadro 2Gb Graphics card added.

Example Specifications

  • Intel Core i7- 6700 6th generation 3.4GHz Skylake Processor
  • 16Gb DDR4 Memory (2 x 8Gb) or 32Gb DDR4 (4 x 8Gb)
  • Motherboard with 4 memory slots ASUS B150M-A
  • 512Gb X400 SSD Drive for the operating system and applications
  • 1Tb Hard Drive for data storage – If you data is stored on a server this will not be required
  • DVD RW
  • Networking
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • 500Watt Bequiet PSU – this is a superior and quiet power supply
  • Windows 7 Professional or Windows 10 Professional

When one of our Customers took delivery of one of these computers they insisted that we added SSD drives to all their computers.

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A slow or faulty computer can be a nightmare for you and your business. Don't worry, we provide an extensive range of support services that are quick and reliable. We can provide support via telephone, e-mail, secure remote access and on-site visits. We provide our services in and around Lingfield, Edenbridge, East Grinstead, as well as wider Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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