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Antivirus software is not only essential for each of your computers, laptops and other devices it is also required on the Mail Server to eliminate most spam emails before they are sent out to each user. Obviously if you have Clouded email then you don’t require the Mail Server antivirus but you do require a Mail Server antivirus which is £85 ex vat.

External Back Up Devices

It is vital that you have your data backed up on either an external backup drive or in the cloud, preferably both. If using just external backup drives it is important that one is taken off site. In the event of a fire the server and the backup drives would probably be lost. Most firms go under if they lose their data.

Another worrying concern is the encryption viruses that are hitting servers at random. However good your anitivirus software is and however complicated your passwords are the hackers are still finding a way to get in. Huge companies are being affected by this and they have thousands of pounds to throw at security. If the hackers want to get in they will find a way. Some of the encryption viruses work their way through the server and then can infect the backup drive as well depending on your backup strategy.

A full range of external backup devices are available.

UPS (uninterruptable power supply)

No server should be running without a UPS on it. This is an uninterruptable power supply. They have batteries in them and keep the server or computer working for about 5 minutes if the power goes down. If there is a UPS is on a Server it has smart software that shuts down the server correctly. Servers that are suddenly turned off because of a power failure often get damaged.

It is also a good idea to run a smaller UPS on accounts computers. If the power goes off you have about 5 minutes to save your work and switch off the computer correctly thus preventing loss of data.

We offer a full range of UPS’s.

Antivirus including SPAM for Computers and Laptops

No of Users Endpoint Security for 1 Year ex vat Endpoint Security for 2 Years ex vat Endpoint Security for 3 Years ex vat
5 £120 £180 £240
10 £230 £350 £480
15 £300 £440 £610
20 £390 £580 £820
25 £420 £630 £880
30 £500 £750 £1050
35 £590 £880 £1230
40 £670 £1000 £1400
For more users please phone for quotation

Antivirus for In House Mail Server

You need a good broadband speed/availability to be able to have Clouded Email

No of Users Mail Server

for 1 Year ex vat

Mail Server

for 2 Years ex vat

Mail Server

for 3 Years ex vat

5 £ 60 £ 90 £120
10 £120 £170 £240
15 £150 £220 £300
20 £190 £290 £400
25 £210 £310 £430
30 £250 £370 £510
35 £290 £430 £600
40 £330 £490 £680
For more users please phone for quotation

Please note special pricing can be arranged if you are switching over from a different supplier which means that you generally pay nearer to the renewal cost that your previous supplier is offering you
Eset Antivirus is also available at reduced prices for Charities and Non Profit Making Companies

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